You cannot miss visiting this place in Delhi: Lodhi Art District

The latest trend is Street Art, you will encounter them in many countries and various cities. These art pieces depict some message or a story about the place.

If you are on a lookout for Wall Art in Delhi, you can’t miss out on Lodhi Art District. I last visited it around Mar 2017 and since then was willing to re-visit and recently did.

There are a lot of new Wall arts on the streets now, I noticed a bunch of Photographers and Videographers there creating content. Some Pre-wed shoots too were happening around the area. Also, tour guides with a group of foreigners scrolling around the streets and explaining them the stories behind the art.

I could not avoid overhearing them stating what the artists what to state through their art. All-in-all it was and still is a great experience for me. Re-visiting my own city.

So if you are a Delhiite or visiting the city, you cannot miss out on Lodhi Art District. To know more details about the place, its location or how can you reach here, check out my previous article on the same: Where to find the best Street Art in New Delhi, India

And for now, enjoy some of the latest additions to the area. Go Banjare 🙂

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