A hidden treasure in Himalayas: Dhokaney Waterfall

Did you know about this hidden gem located in Almora district of Uttarakhand state, Dhokaney Waterfall!

Recently I had to attend a marriage function near Nathuakhan, Uttarakhand. So we planned to stay at Neemrana Ramgarh Bungalows and explore nearby. It was then that my husband (yes, I am married now 😉 ) told me about this local secret of Kumaon, Dhokaney Waterfall. He told me that they used to visit this place years back when it was totally barren and full of natural beauty.

After attending the marriage function, we left for the falls. We took a route via Nathaukhan towards Almora, as we were staying in Ramgarh. The place is situated on NH 109, a road connecting the two very famous hill stations of Uttarakhand: Almora and Nainital.

Most people tend to miss this spot amidst the magnificent pine forest. Maybe that is the exact reason why these falls are still less crowded. The place is now maintained by KMVN (a government organization) and there is an entry fee of Rs 100 per person (which I felt is expensive).

I heard that a few years back there was no proper road to reach the falls. Actually, you have to travel downhill from the main road to reach the spot. But after KMVN undertook it, there is a road to reach the entry gates at least. Though not a smooth one still, but you can take your 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler.

How to Reach Dhokaney Waterfall?

Dhokaney waterfall is situated on the way to Almora from Bhowali, near Suyalbari the road diverts uphill towards the falls. So if you coming from Nanital or Kathgodam via Bhowali you will find signboards.

Another route that I mentioned above is from Ramgarh or Nathukhan, the road towards Almora leaves you here. But keep your eyes wide open to find the hairpin cut for the falls, there are no big boards on this route (at least I did not find any). So handwritten marks on the rocks can be spotted, else use GPS or the best way to ask locals.

The road downhill is not so well, take your vehicle if you are confident enough. Else park it on the road and walk for 5-10 mins to reach the main entry gate.

After the entry gate, you still need to walk a km to reach the falls. But you can hear the gushing water sounds and have the first view of the falls.

What can you do at Dhokaney Waterfall?

There are benches to sit and chill near the waterfall. You can also swim in the water or just play around. They have swimming costumes for rent, also changing rooms and clean washrooms are available. There is a small cafe too, that serves maggie, omelette, cold drink and other quick bites. I spotted some tents too, but not sure of the booking procedure for the stay.

Dhokaney waterfall is an evergreen waterfall, the water falls down from the cliff in a pool surrounded by mountains and wildlife. You can hear birds chirping and no form of pollution. It is surely a great option to spend your day with nature and relax. It is a beautiful spot for Photography, encountered a pre-wedding shoot also during my visit 😛 Go Banjare 🙂

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