Travel Jobs that pay you to wander around the world

Jobs fill your Pocket, Travel fill your Soul…

What if we introduce you to some jobs that travel the world and pay well too 😉

There are numerous jobs that travel the world and people do them for a living. If this thought excites you enough, then you have landed at the right spot. These are some of the best travel jobs for aspiring digital nomads or any other people who would like to quit their 9 to 5 jobs.

So, you only have to worry about your travel itineraries without the thought of running out of money. There are a variety of jobs that travel the world to chose from. Some of them let you work and travel simultaneously. On the other hand, you can take up project-based work and after its tenure completion, you can spend rest time travelling.

The best travel jobs would be the ones that allow you to earn an income while you explore the world. There are various real-life examples out there who are successfully living such a dream.

Having said that before you get all excited to dive into this ocean, let me just alert you that if this could have been easy everyone would be sailing on this boat. So take a wise calculative decision, as most of these jobs require passion, training, commitment and talent of course.

It is a slow and long process which is not worth everyone, hence patience and hard work is the key. If you are passionate about Travel and want to opt for a job that travels the world for a living. Here are a few job options for you, but before that, you have to understand the categories of these jobs:

  • Expat Jobs: These jobs that basically lets you work in a foreign country and explore the place for your duration of stay. This may vary from a few months to years. So basically you are in a full-time job but in a different country altogether, which gives you an option to discover the new place.
  • Digital Nomads: You are your own boss and can practically work from any corner of the world. Making money being a digital nomad is the best option I can think of. It can surely take time to set up a digital nomad career, so you may have to think of some other options along with this at the start. But nothing is more liberating than travelling the world and being able to earn money sitting at any corner. All it requires is a laptop and a good wifi connection.
  • Backpacker Jobs: Such jobs are more of a casual affair, where while backpacking across a place you opt to work short term. Choose any temporary or seasonal job, which is easy to find as a backpacker. Indulge in such travel jobs at the farm, construction site, beaches, hostels etc. depending on which part of the world you are travelling to. Also, based on your choice and area of expertise.

Not all the above categories fall for everyone, so choose the jobs suitable to you. It all boils down to your background, skills and comfort levels. Some of the best travel job options that I can think of are listed down here:

  1. Blogging: This may sound like a dream job. Make money blogging while you travel the world. But as simple it may sound, making a living through this may take years. Travel Blog is not the only option, you can choose a vertical that suit your passion. It can be food, lifestyle, fashion, mommy, technology etc. Anything that you are passionate about and willing to work hard for.
  2. Language Teacher: If you want to stay and earn in a foreign land, teaching English is an option for you. This is a lucrative job option especially when it is your native language or you own a degree in the same. There is a great demand for English language teachers even online. The pay varies based on your command over the language and experience.
  3. Day Trading: There are many people who travel and make money through day trading. It does not need prior experience but a finance background and some spare cash can do the magic. This requires a lot of calculations and efforts before you actually start making money out of the same. It is suggested to do a proper research before diving into the same or contact an expert.
  4. Influencer: Social Media plays a vital role these days in everyone’s life. Hence you can surely make money through it. But easy said than done. Choose your niche and start building a followership using quality content. Once you have attained a reach, you can collaborate with various brands etc. for their marketing and earn through the same. But this takes a lot of hard work, consistency and time. There are a lot of influencers out there earning well from their social media presence.
  5. Yoga/Fitness Instructor: This job surely lets you travel the world by making money training people around. You can choose from yoga, pilates, Zumba or any other fitness form to provide your services on. You can also opt to be a personal trainer if you have enough experience. Many hostels, hotels or resorts hire their own trainers to work with their clients.
  6. Property renting: In case you already have some savings to buy your own place, which you can rent it to full fill your travel wish list. You can rent it out on various websites online and make money from it while you travel the world.
  7. Work on a cruise ship: Opting this means travelling to an exotic location with a pay. The working hours are surely long and hard but it comes with a free travel. The crew members are benefited with various perks. So choose a profile that suits your interest in the ship.
  8. Volunteer work: In this kind of job the money isn’t great but surely is a lifetime experience to help others. The work would be quite challenging but satisfying. This is more of a commitment than a job. But if it is something that interests you then this is a job that travels and helps others.
  9. Be a Translator: You can take this job up as a contractor just do it online. The only condition is to know another language. You can work with restaurants on their menu, or tour operators, or take up any other freelance work online. The pay depends on your commands over the language.
  10. Hostel Work: If you wish to stay in a hostel for a long period in barter for your stay. These places do offer various short-term jobs like front desk, housekeeping etc. Or in case you are looking for something long-term, even that works for paid positions.
  11. Freelancer: You can pick up from any freelance projects of your choice and earn money from it. From being a content writer, graphic & web designer, copywriter, animator etc. You can pick your genre and there are various freelance work websites that make you connect with your clients. You can be sitting in any part of the world with your laptop and a wifi connection to get your work started.
  12. Tour & Travel Director/Guide/Agent: Choose to work in the travel domain and you can work as a tour agent or guide. Leading a group of travellers to the most exotic destinations around the world may sound like a dream job. But this comes with its own laid backs, the pay may be uneven and you may lack job security. Getting associated with a tour company may sound like a plan here.
  13. Flight Attendant/Airline Pilot: If you want a job that takes you places, opt for being a flight attendant/airline pilot. The salaries are great, plus there are travel benefits not only for themselves but for their family too. Just do not consider this option easy, as it includes a huge number of odd working hours too.
  14. Travel Photographer: Well this is totally skill based. If both travel and photography align with your plan, then this is a perfect job that can make you travel the world. You can travel the world, take pictures and sell them too. But this is a long process and requires a lot of hard work. You can also arrange photo walks in various cities and get hired for professional short-term projects.
  15. Event Manager: Arranging and managing events is also a good option if you are good at this job. There are various events occurring around the world. You can travel to any part of the world doing the same. You can choose to do this freelance or get associated with a firm which lets you do the same.

There are a lot more such jobs available out there for you to explore, earn from and travel the world along with working. My inclination is more towards the digital nomad life, as all you need is a laptop and wifi connection and world is a limit for you. Go Banjare 🙂

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