5 Reasons Why you should not Visit Ladakh

I am sure each one of you must be surrounded by Travel Enthusiasts who have forced you to think and plan a trip for Ladakh.

And with all excitement, you are on it. But before you do so, beware of these reasons on why you should not visit Ladakh.

  • Bad, Dangerous and Dusty Roads

    The Ladakh region in Jammu & Kashmir, India is prone to heavy snowfall and rainfall. Major time of the year this region is not accessible for the travelers/tourists. But even when it is, the condition of roads on some routes are bad.

    It is not a fault of the authorities. they are doing their best, but even they are helpless in front of mother nature. Because of melting snow, there are a lot of landslides in many spots. This is also a big reason behind various accidents.

    There is a long stretch of roads which are bad, dangerous and dusty. This will add to your travel time and comfort.

  • High Altitude, Breathing Problems and other Health Issues

    Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude. This is a reason behind a lot of health issues for its visitors. The most common being breathing problem.

    Due to this high altitude, the oxygen levels are low at most of the places and hence people tend to face many health issues. It is suggested to get a proper checkup done before your visit. Or at least be prepared and equipped in case any such situation occur.

    This has nothing to do with age or gender. I encountered a 9-10-year-old kid facing issue, a young man facing the same wherein some old fellows felt all fit and fine.

  • Long and Tiring Travelling hours

    This is a curse and a boon both. To some, a bike or car ride on these narrow roads and terrains is the travel idea. On the other hand, the only thing that annoys most of the tourists are the long travelling hours.

    All the main spots in Ladakh are quite distant from each other. Hence one has to be on the road for long and tiring travelling hours to reach there. It is a part and parcel of your Ladakh trip.

  • Not much Touristy spots, only Landscapes and Monasteries

    So if you are expecting touristy spots and least interested in the landscape or the journey, then Ladakh surely is not your place. Not saying that Ladakh does not have much to offer, but this is what my personal experience says.

    I met a lot of tourists there complaining that “the only thing we are doing here is to travel miles from one place to another”. But that is the beauty of this place, isn’t it!

    Yes, there are monasteries, a lot of them. But trust me you would not like to visit more than 4-5 in your entire trip. So what else is left?

    I would suggest knowing what to expect from the place and then only visit, especially if you are too rigid about your travel plans.

  • No Proper Washrooms

    Last but not the least! This may not sound like such a big issue for many. But trust me it is. You need to travel for long hours. There are very rare villages or halting points in between. Even the restaurants do not have any specific facility available.

    The issue highlights more for women when the routes long, barren and with less or no washroom facility available. Even at the spots where it is available, it is just 4 walls with a hole, which is stinky, dirty and has the capability to give birth to a lot of diseases.

Every place has it’s good and bad. If any or all of these above mentioned is something you are looking forward to or you are ready for then Happy Travelling. Go Banjare! ?

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    1. Oh yeah! You should visit it then. Surely will enjoy exploring the place. You can contact me in case you need any information, the details are mentioned in the website 🙂

  1. I hope u don’t go hopping place just to make point of their toilets .. ????

    I sure u won’t disagree if I say that a person should at least give it a visit once.

    Having said that … A humble warning do NOT go if u r not in the primes of health

    And those who do want to go …
    -Start flocking to the gym at the very least
    -Start your research for/and gear (footwear place a major role) and places u want to stay or stoo

    1. Ha ha, trust me it makes a lot of difference. I totally agree, what I want to say is they should be prepared for all this.

      Thanks for adding the points here 🙂

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