Five things that you can do in Shahpur Jat, not just Shopping

Oh well, if you are wondering five things, that too in Shahpur Jat, really?

The answer to your surprise my friend is “YES”!!!

Well for those of you who do not know what exactly is Shahpur Jat. It is an old village area in the southern part of New Delhi, and lately, with a lot of Designer stores opened up, it is one of the choices for Wedding shopping.

So recently my #knowyourcity exploration took me to this place. I decided to visit with a friend without any shopping agenda, but to know what else it has to offer. And trust me there was a lot…

After exploring the uneasy narrow lanes of this hidden gem near Hauz Khas we have found it worth spending a whole day! And believe that by the end of the article, you will also think the same. 😉


This is a must visit place if you are “To be a bride”, bridesmaid, bride’s sister or you have anything to do with marriages or anything of that sort!

These narrow lanes have amazing Designer Showrooms, each having their own touch and all are one of a kind filled with trendy lehngas and gowns that too on heavy discounts and they do bargain a lot.

Not just this, you will also find some amazing handwork, traditional designer jewellery and footwear. The most attractive part was the variety and latest trends that you can follow at this place.

So girls please, let Chandni Chowk breathe and move to Shahpur Jat.

Wall Art

These congested lanes got little surprises for you here and there!

You might witness some amazing wall art if you keep your eyes wide and senses alert. There used to be a lot more of these, but the locals state that the people got their walls painted. Hence, you have to really search for this 😛

Restaurant & Cafe

How many of you think, when we talk about the cafe, Hauz Khas is the only way?

Well, I would suggest you to take a break from them and try the cafe in Shahpur Jat, you might have to think twice before choosing Hauz Khas over this place.

Tired of Shopping OR even Window Shopping 😉

Do drop by “Cafe Red” for some quick munchies or a hot cup of coffee on a chilly day.

Want to Relax and Read? Also then, this is the place as they say #Read #Eat #Drink!

Please, have a seat at “The Pot Belly Rooftop Cafe” which offers a romantic ambience, but be ready to walk up the stairs: 2-3 floors. The menu might confuse you a bit but taste won’t! This might be someone’s perfect date place as well 😉

Sugar tooth?? “Sugarama” is the way people! Do try their fancy pastry range and thank us later.

Gardens and Monuments

There used to be a fort in early times which is now sabotaged due to the residential area. But that place still gives you a historical feel of its own, be it people or the ruins of the monuments in the DDA Pancheel park.

Some ruins you can still witness amidst the lush green grass and can also potentially come out as a private picnic spot. Yes, you heard it right! Private! 😉

Photo sessions

Last but not least, if you are someone like me who escapes the obvious and has an eye for something new and dramatic, then this is the background for many of your awesome pictures!

These lanes got some amazing clicking spots and can make you go woooooh! The colours, old buildings, narrow lanes, lite up alleys. In short to create that much-needed drama 😉

The beauty and decoration after sunset even in the normal days made our day in every sense.

PS: Shayad kisi ne sahi hi kaha hai ki “ Dilli shehar nhi, mehfil hai dosto, MEHFIL”

Hence, for whatever reasons from the above stated you wish to visit Shahpur Jat. I would recommend you to visit it once, a share your experience here…Go Banjare! ?

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