A Step towards Nature in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha is a small town in the city of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is well known for its architecture in form of Forts, Temples etc. With this impression, I went to visit the place. But to my surprise, it was much more than just the architecture. A good news for adventure junkies, you can choose from Cycle tours, Jungle walks, Kayaking, Rafting etc.

There are various companies offering the same, even MP tourism is providing these options at decent rates. This would give you an option to look into the town in a different manner. I choose to go for a cycle tour inside Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary and then followed by Kayaking at the Betwa River.

It was a fun experience, here are a few details about the same:

  • Cycle Tour inside the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary

    Book yourself a Cycle tour on the Natural trail. These companies get the cycle to the place of your stay and you can bike through the town towards the Orchha Sanctuary. There is an entry ticket of Rs 50 which is included in the tour cost, which is Rs 500.

    You will be accompanied by a guide. This works for group and solo too (as in my case).There are 2-3 points inside the sanctuary. Try taking an early morning ride to encounter birds and other animals (don’t worry there are no wild animals here yet). It’s a good option to enjoy nature and its beauty

    Also, rent a cycle by yourself for a day for about Rs 250 from the MP Tourism which I found inside the Betwa retreat.

    If cycling is not your choice, you can choose walking these trails too. It’s on the other side of the Betwa river, crossing the low old bridge (it closes when the river water overflows).

  • Kayaking in Betwa River

    Rafting and Kayaking are good options if you are an adventure lover and want to have a look at the town and its architecture in a different manner. Though rafting does not make much sense here due to less flow of water. But definitely, Kayaking was worth a try.

    Kayaking starts from the Chatteris area. You can reach there direct or else they provide a pick and drop. There is a proper safety taken for your valuable items inside a waterproof bag, but its suggested not to carry much. I was so lucky to do this. And my instructor showed me around well, got proper points for clicks and videos. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it 🙂

    Cost: Rs 1500 for Kayaking

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Most noteworthy, do not miss on this adventure when visiting Orchha and I promise you will cherish it life long…Go Banjare! ?

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