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Orchha Fort, a place so beautiful which recites its own stories through its splendid architecture. It is situated in a small town of Madhya Pradesh and holds a history of the Bundela dynasty proudly.

The fort is now managed by the MP Tourism and opens for Indian and Foreign visitors.

Entry Ticket: Indian: Rs 10; Foreigners: Rs 250; Camera/Videography: Rs 25/Rs 200

Timings: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM, after which the sound and light show happens in the Raja Mahal area every evening.

Sound and Light show is beautifully curated. It is one of the best ways to know the history of the palace. There are different winter and summer timings. And shows are in 2 different languages Hindi and English both.

  • April to September: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM (In English)
  • April to September: 8:45 PM to 9:45 PM (In Hindi)
  • October to March: 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM (In English)
  • October to March: 7:45 PM to 8:45 PM (In Hindi)

Cost for the show is Rs 128.

The Fort had various parts, some of which is now ruined and closed. But you can visit the other parts such as:

  • Jahangir Mahal

    This palace was built for the Mughal emperor Jahangir and his army on his visit by the king of Orchha Veer Singh Deo. It took a long period of 22 years to build the palace, but Jahangir and his army stayed here only for a day. Which later was used as a guest palace.

    The architecture of the palace is a combination of both Hindu and Islam attributes, depicting their friendship despite the cultural/religious differences. It is a huge and lavish palace overlooking the Betwa river. Each and every corner of it is a masterpiece, I was awestruck by the view of it.

    Surely, it is one of the best palaces in India. Spread over 3 floors, it’s a bhulbhulaiya/puzzle, you have to climb/walk a lot. The top floor offers a view of the city, jungle, town of Orchha, the Betwa river, and some ruined buildings. Also, you can spot the Chattris, Temples and Rai Praveen Mahal.

    The main entrance has a multi-platform to hop onto palkis, horses, camels, elephants. A mindblowing architecture even at that era. Each jharoka for the queens and other ladies have a different pattern. The sandstone colour is so beautiful and contrasting, which compliment and gives a dramatic look. And the teak wood doors, are huge and heavy, as the jungles around had/has these trees. Hence, the nearby area is also well known for teak furniture.

    Words are not enough to explain this, nor are the pictures. But here are some snapshots:

  • Sheesh Mahal

    This is now converted into a hotel/restaurant under MP Tourism now.

  • Raja Mahal

    Built by the Bundela King Madhukar Shah who stayed with his queen Kunwar Ganeshi. The architecture of this palace is relatively simpler in comparison to the Jahangir Mahal. But it has a treasure on the ceilings in various rooms.

    Especially the King and queens room which has the paintings depicting various stories. These rooms have art related to human evolution, the avatars of Vishu. As we know Ram and Krishna both are avatars of Lord Vishnu. Also. they have the picture of the 10th avatar in a white horse which yet to happen.

    Like any other fort, it has a small temple, courtroom, activity rooms etc. I can totally imagine how would this look when alive <3

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Orchha Fort is one of my favourite places to visit in Orchha. Do not miss this on your visit…Go Banjare! ?

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