Raja Ram Temple, Orchha

The only temple in India where Lord Ram is worshipped as Raja Ram (king). Most of all, this place holds uttermost importance and there is a story behind Raja Ram Temple’s existence…

Story of Raja Ram Temple

It is said that while the King of Orchha, Madhukar Shah was a worshiper of Lord Krishna, on the other hand, the queen, Kunwar Ganeshi was of Lord Ram. History says, once the king jokingly said to the queen that if you are such a big worshiper of Lord Ram, why don’t you ask him to come to Orchha.

So she went to Ayodhya (birthplace of Lord Ram) and sat on the banks of Saryu river and prayed to Lord Ram for the same. But he did not appear as a result, she jumped into the river. Finally, Lord Ram appeared in the form of a kid. She asked him to come with her to Orchha, but Ram put few conditions in front of her, saying if these are fulfilled then only he will go:

– she has to take him on foot

  – the first place he will sit on reaching Orchha, he will not move from there
  – he will be treated as a Raja

It took rani 9 months to reach from Ayodhya to Orchha. And in the meanwhile, a temple for Lord Ram was under construction. The huge temple was created in such a way to be viewed from queen’s bedroom. But until they reached the temple was yet not completed.

So for the time being the idol was placed in the palace kitchen unknowingly that now the idol will not move due to the condition, so the kitchen was then converted into the temple.

This is where the Raja Ram temple is now and people worship Lord Ram as a Raja(king) here!

Raja Ram Marriage Festival Program

I was lucky to visit around the time when there were preparations going on for Raja Ram Marriage Festival Program. It is a 3-day long festivity usually in the month of November, which involves the devotes to various functions like Community Lunch, Bridegroom’s Procession, Ram Kaleva/Breakfast.

Every year it is a huge affair, like any other Indian marriage ceremony…

I could not attend the event, but here are a few pictures that were shared with me by the locals:

Temple timings:

  • March to October: 8:00 AM – 12.30 PM &  8:00 PM to 10.30 PM
  • November to March: 9:00 AM. – 1:00 PM &  7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Temple opens up early morning and closes in the daytime few hours. And later opens up in the evening for the aarti. Aarti starts sharply at 7 every evening. The priest follows basic rituals, and a police staff offers salami/salute to Lord Ram as he is a Raja/king here. And this is followed by sholoks/prays and the temple is then open for visitors to visit the idol.

Note: Photography is not allowed inside the temple premises.

PS: Don’t miss out on the small shops near the temple which sells colours, sweets and other fake jewellery etc. Kalakand is the local sweet that is offered to the idol here.

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A beautiful lime and orange colour building would surely attract your attention in the town of Orchha. Most noteworthy, don’t miss out on the evening aarti, it is a bliss…Go Banjare! ?

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    1. No, not really. Dehradun is in the Uttrakhand state of India and this temple is in Orchha which in Madhya Pradesh. You should plan and visit it during the Ram Vivah as mentioned in the blog. Surely will love the celebrations there. You can contact me through the details mentioned in the website in case you need any other ideas 🙂 Happy to help

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