Beatles Ashram, Rishikesh for a Peaceful Retreat

The “Beatles” need no introduction! They are one of the most popular music bands of their era. Beatles met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in London in the year 1967 and got attracted to his teachings. A year later they visited him here in India. During that period the Ashram and Rishikesh got too much of world’s media coverage and hype. Beatles have also performed here in the ashram premises. Later, Rishikesh became the Yoga Capital of the World. And is a choice of many international tourists. The Ashram is well known as Beatles Ashram after this incident.

The ashram got closed after the death of Maharishi. The area falls under the Forest Department of Rajaji National Park with river Ganga flowing alongside. It is reopened for tourists as an eco-tourism destination.

Why should you visit Beatles Ashram?
  • Though the buildings are not maintained so they are dirty, the biggest draw to the ashram is the wall art. Various known artists have given their contribution here.
  • It is such a beautiful place to wander around for a day. Between the graffiti and interesting architecture, there is a lot to see and photograph!
  • Nature walk and bird watching are one of the options too.
  • The place has around 300 small domes created for meditation, which is abundant now.
  • Also, there are 84 Meditation Chambers/ Chaurasi Kutiya, made from local river rocks. Each chamber represents a different classic Yoga Asan/posture. Very scary this place seems, just out of some horror movie 😛

Tip: Carry food/water along, as nothing is available inside. Though this place may soon have a cafeteria.

I didn’t like: Thing that people don’t respect their heritage. Rather than appreciating it they tend to play with it. Writing names and stupid stuff on the walls is not acceptable 🙁

How to Reach?

The Ashram is not easy to find! It is situated in the Swargashram area of Rishikesh. There is a road from the Ram Jhula crossing the Gita Bhawan and Parmath Niketan Ashram. At the end of that road, you will find the Beatles Ashram.

The Beatles ashram is around 700 meters far from Parmarth Niketan Ashram and 2 km far from Ram Jhula. And 3 km far from Lakshman Jhula.

Nearest Railway Station: Rishikesh railway station: 13 km away

Nearest Airport: Jollygrant, Dehradun, 30 km away

Basic Information

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM

Entry Fee: Indian: Rs 150; Senior Citizen: Rs 75; Student: Rs 40-75; Foreigner: Rs 600

Exploration time: Min 2-3 hrs, a full day was enough for me though 😛

My Experience

This being my third visit, Beatles Ashram was on top of my list on visiting Rishikesh. I did not want to indulge into rafting or camping…

As its said good things don’t come easy. It was hot and had to walk for some good 2-3 km from Ram Jhula to reach this place. It seemed simple from outside, but as you start walking up (yes be prepared to walk a lot) you will be surprised by the art and beauty around.

Loved how peaceful was the place with no one around. In the middle of the jungle, the only thing you could listen to was birds. Truly a good location to meditate and relax.

Most noteworthy, the artwork is out of the world. Few of the paintings seemed like they are talking to you. Or as if they will walk out of the wall anytime soon. You can have your own depictions of the art. I and my friend spent hours discussing our own interpretation of the work. There was some magic about the place, which left me blank…like happy and relaxed and reaching out to myself 🙂

It’s becoming hard for me to put down my feelings about the place. It can only be felt I guess like any other beautiful feeling in the world. Moreover, you have to visit the ashram to understand what I mean and trying to convey. Pay a visit for whatever reason you find suitable to you before this place is commercialised. Go Banjare 🙂

Enjoy some of the artwork from Beatles Ashram.

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  1. The place sounds to be so interesting and your description of it made me curious about the place. Had been to Hrishikesh for 6-7 times. This time I visit Hrishikesh, will go for Beatles Ashram for sure.
    Thanks Nishi, the article is very informative and well composed.

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