Tips to survive a Summer Travel in India

Travel on your mind? But wonder how to fight scorching summers in India?

In case you are planning a Summer Travel in India. But fear to step out of your AC home, since the heat can make travelling in India a dreadful experience. Don’t worry! Preparing yourself beforehand based on the few tips that are shared below would help you survive the vacation 🙂

#1# Pick the right Destination
Choosing a right destination solves half of the problem. As you would not want to visit beaches with a scorching sun overhead. Though I would love beaches any day over any other destination 😉 Try opting for some place where the weather is a bit pleasant and you don’t have a checklist to follow. Also, an overcrowded place is that last thing you would wish for in summers.

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#2# Choose a comfortable mode of Transport
Would suggest using an air conditioned mode of Transport while travelling in Summers. As this would be the most comfortable mode of travel to any location. This would also save your from the heat stroke and save your vacation from turning into a nightmare 😛

#3# Plan your day timely
When travelling in summers try to start your day early, so that you cover before the sun starts scorching. Try spending the daytime in shades, closed places like museum or shopping areas. And when the sun goes down in the evening, plan outdoors again.

#4# Pack and Wear Light Clothing
Apart from woollen in case you are travelling to a cold place, when packing for summer trips try picking cotton or linen clothing. Wear it loose so that air can pass through. Flaunt all the summer colours as they look good in pictures and also soothe the eyes and your body.

#5# Accessorize well
With the clothing also that case of the other accessories like sunglasses, hats, scarfs, umbrellas, deodorants, sun block etc. these are equally important to avoid sunburn or tan.

#6# Eat right
While travelling the last thing you can wish for is to get ill. And food is the most common reason for the same. Also in summers, you should be over cautious about what you eat. Try eating food, that keeps your body cool. And avoid street food etc if possible in case it’s oily and spicy.

#7# Keep yourself Hydrated
After food comes water. Which is surely our best friend, especially in summers. Try drinking a lot of fluids. Avoid alcohols, even though you feel as it may result in dehydration.

#8# Take care of Skin
Skin is the first and foremost thing that gets affected by the season. As you tend to sweat a lot and this may cause irritation, rashes, acne etc. Avoid using heavy makeup, use waterproof products in case you want to. Keep your skin hydrated, wash it regularly and use cooling masks etc to soothe it.

#9# Keep Basic Medication
The most important thing is the medicines. It may be the case that even after taking all the precautionary steps someone may fall it due to the weather. Carry basic medication and also some for of oral rehydration powder.

#10# Charge your electronic items well
Last but not the least, make sure you keep Camera and phones charged. Try charging them wherever and whenever possible. Also, carrying a portable charger handy is suggested. please note that there is a shortage of electricity in many parts of India during the summer time.

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Hope these tips help you in your next travel. Do share your experiences here and Happy Travelling! Go Banjare 🙂

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