Hanumangarh Fort Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Have you been to Triund, Kheerganga, Parashar lake trek in Himachal Pradesh? In search of someplace less travelled OR want to pave your own path! Here is Hanumangarh Fort Trek for you 🙂

So this is not the Hanumangarh Fort you must be thinking, even that was my first thought, that is in Rajasthan. And the one I am introducing you guys to is a trek in Himachal Pradesh.

There is an area in Himachal Pradesh called Bhangal valley, which is further divided into sub-regions of Bada Bhangal and Chota Bhangal under Kangra district. I recently got a chance to visit this location and as an impromptu plan decided to go for Hanumangarh Fort trek.

So just to get the base clear I was camping near a village called Badagram which is 14 km away from the Barot Valley. So my trek started from this location, which was around 8-9 km one way. It took us 4 hrs to climb up and around 3 hrs to climb down. The climb was quite steep and through a unpaved path.

We left around 9 AM after having our breakfast and the journey started via barren fields, crossing a river via a small bridge and from here the real trek started. The guide showed me the point we had to trek till. And to be frank, at one point I was not sure if could do till there.

PS: I am not professional, quite a newbie! But still did it quite well 😛

Hanumangarh Fort

The Hanumangarh Fort is situated at a height of 3200 mts on the top of a mountain range of Himachal Pradesh. It can be only approached via a beautiful trek from various locations, namely bir-billing, barot/badagram. The trek takes around 2 hrs from bir-billing and 4hrs from barot/badagram.

Story Behind Hanumangarh fort!

The sister of the king of Bhangal valley was married to Mandi’s king. And the Mandi ruler was envious of the Bhangaliya king, as he had a huge area to rule under him. Hence, he decided to destroy this empire to show his power.

The Hanumagarh area is visible from almost all the places in the valley, including Mandi. The Bhangaliyan king was a follower of Lord Hanuman and a pure soul. It is said that he used to lit a huge lamp/diya of pure ghee for offering his prays to the God. And there is still a temple of hanuman up there who is guarding the range.

Once the Mandi king tricked the Bhangaliya king to visit Mandi, by faking the news of his wife and Bhangaliyan king sister’s illness. So Bhangaliyan king left his fort riding a horse, but that horse was not willing to move towards the Mandi fort. The king was still persistent to move worried about his sister’s health. The horse was, again and again, showing reluctance to visit the town of Mandi.

Sadly, once the Bhangaliyan king entered the Mandi fort his head was slaughtered by the King of Mandi. The kings head was buried at Indra Market under the clock tower. But the curse of killing a pure soul was to be bear by the people of Mandi. There were deaths in the town, so eventually, the Mandi king visited a priest. This priest after analysing the situation, the priest asked to Honor King Bhangaliya.

So carrying the same tradition every year on Shivratri a procession of horses leads their way to a temple which belonged to Bhangaliya king.

Happy Ending…

In case you want to confirm these stories, trek up to the hanumangarh fort. There are remains of the fort and a Hanuman temple. It is also said that the lord protects this place from bad evils.

The story of this place is as beautiful as the journey up here. The place would bound you to forget everything; the stress, pain and would take you in nature’s true self. The feeling of taking a less travelled path, paving your own way, encountering shepherds and their troops, covering up meadows and reaching the top via dense pine forests is a different feeling altogether hard to express but to be felt.

It can be a day trek or if you wish, can camp a night at hanumangarh temple base and enjoy the surroundings! Well, words are not enough to share my experience so here are some pictures to describe the same.

Do visit the place and share your experiences here. Looking forward to the same! Go Banjare 🙂

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  1. Wow. Great article, It’s quite descriptive. Your trip experience sounds amazing I’ll definitely do this trek next time. Although I recently did Kheerganga Trek up and down in just 6 hours. And with my experience I jotted down some tips to do the trek swiftly than other trekkers.

    1. Glad you liked it. It was an awesome experience, you should try it out. Oh wow, that’s quick, I suppose it’s 5-6 hrs one way. Would like to get some tips. Shoot a email at contact@gobanjare.com if possible

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