Leave everything for Travelling around the World – The Big Question!!!

Travelling around the World is a dream come true for any Travel Enthusiast. For me, the motto is “When in Doubt… Travel”. I have this constant craving for travel. Staying at one place seems a big NO for me. I travel to one place, come back and again have an urge to travel…

Travelling by Dictionary means “going to different places instead of staying in one place”

The world is huge to discover and know the people, culture etc so why stay at one place? But the big question that arises here is you have roots, family, friends, work which is equally important.

Though we can work and earn on the go but what about other things. There is this constant dilemma of full time vs part time travel. The Big Question is “Does leaving everything for Travelling around the world makes any point

On the quest to find an answer to this, I had a word with many travel enthusiasts for their views. Have a look at what their views are on the same.

Anuradha Goel

Anuradha Goel

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She has a renowned Travel Blog called IndiTales – A Travel Blog from India. I am a big fan of her travel stories. Look what she had to say about Full Time vs Part Time travel.

Travelling is a part of our lives. In India, it has been a part of our culture in the form of prescribed pilgrimages that one needs to take and the geography they cover.

Full-time travel, while it sounds glamorous is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need a personality that can deal with ambiguity and uncertainty on a daily basis. Your socio-economic circumstances have to allow you to travel. You have to be without roots anywhere. In a way, you have to be outside the societal norms and shelter when you are travelling constantly.


Jeremy Noronha

Jeremy Noronha

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A young boy left his Native place broke & began blogging across the world. Check out his journey at Think Travel Lift Grow. Here are his views on the path he chooses.

I choose full time travel. I don’t believe in having a job instead I believing in making a living doing what you love. For that happens to be travel. Once I realised that you could travel the world and make money doing that I didn’t see any reasons not to travel full time.

My passion is travel so I see no reason not to travel full time. I have been living on different places all over the world. Whenever I find a place I like I can just live there if I choose to.

We live in the most opportunistic time in human history. You can make a living doing what you love. It has never been easier.


Arpit Gunecha

Arpit Gunecha

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Passionate for Food and Travel to learn and enjoy what is around. Check out Letusxplore and find his idea on the topic below.

Part time Travelling isn’t such thing which you’ve to do just to make your living. But to me, it’s something which can ease up my soul from all that full time working. When I was working for a firm, it was like a 6 day job and only day I was getting for myself was Sunday. But even then I was never at home on any Sunday. Cause that was the one and only day to explore the city more & more. I don’t know about others but traveling is just like a medicine to me. I took up every Sunday just to le my whole week go smoothly.


Radoslav Entchev

Radoslav Entchev

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A family of 3;  a husband, wife and their child. Left everything and decided to Travel the world. GlobalLife365 has all their Travel Adventures. And here is a sneak peak on their decision…

The decision was made! We are leaving on a 6 months around the world trip. Vacating our apartment, selling and donating most of the things we own. The rest we are putting in storage for now. We have discussed travel, world schooling, remote work and digital nomads lifestyle concepts with my spouse for a couple of years now. After we sold a property we owned in February of last year the idea of us trying these concepts out started to shape into reality.

I have resigned from my 6 figure paying job recently and will be contributing only as a consultant in the future. My 7 year old son got a go ahead from his Montessori school principal. They were very accepting and apparently we are not the first family to do this. They are keeping his spot for grade 3. He will learn way more on this trip than his peers will in class for sure.

Our plan so far is to Visit 40 cities in 22 countries for a total travel of 57884 km / 35969 miles


So what is your chose, and why? Comment and share your views and stories, would love to know your perspective. Go Banjare! 🙂

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  1. Hi Nishi,

    Glad to know few more travel enthus like you. If I will ever write anything about the travel enthusiasts then definitely your name would be there in the list.

    Stay blessed and yeah need less to say “when in doubt…..travel :)”


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