Goel Sahab ki Haveli, from Ruins to Riches : Haveli Dharampura

Ever imagined the scary galis of Old Delhi would lead to a marvellous Haveli?

In the heart of the country, Delhi-India lies Haveli Dharampura. Bringing the feel of Mughal Era in Delhi 6 by its architecture and culture. On my recent visit to Jama Masjid Old Delhi, encountered this spectacular place.

What caught me by surprise was how can such place is still hidden from many. So excited, I planned to pay a visit here. And proud of my decision attain myself in this heritage property.

Haveli Dharampura is a WelcomHeritage hotel. It is said to be 200 yrs old, but only 10 yrs back Mr Vijay Goel, Minister bought it and converted it into a Heritage Hotel. Hence this place is well known as Goel Saab ki Haveli. 

Check out their website for more details: http://www.havelidharampura.com

How to reach Haveli Dharampura?

It is located in close proximity to historic Jama masjid. Many narrow alleys/galis bring you here. But as its said good things don’t come easy. You need to walk your way to the haveli, as it’s not possible for any vehicle to reach here.

  • Park at Jama masjid Gate 3, it’s just 5 mins walking from there.
  • Nearest Metro Station is Chawari Bazar, take a rickshaw at Rs 20 or walk and enjoy the colours of Old Delhi.
  • Any transportation till Red Fort would work, narrow galis near the Shiv mandir and Jain temple would lead you here.
  • Avoid your own vehicle due to congestion in the Old Delhi roads and parking issues.
About Haveli Dharampura

Haveli Dharampura took almost 6 yrs to renovate and is restored to give the same appearance and character. Spread over 3 floors, with 14 different category rooms spread over 2 floors. They have named the rooms based on Mughal Era.

  • Entry fee for haveli for visiting purpose only is about Rs 350
  • The rooms have a royal feel to it, with all the modern amenities. And costs from around 10K-28K, depending on the category of the room.
  • Along with this you can visit the restaurant Lakhori
  • Check their website for various events organised in the Haveli
  • Visit timings 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Restaurant in Haveli

The Haveli has a restaurant called Lakhori, also with an open seating. Most noteworthy, the rooftop restaurant is not to be missed. The evening is best here when the whole Haveli is lit up. Enjoy your meal with the view to Jama Masjid, Red Fort and the old city of Delhi.

The management organises various events like kathak, classical music, kite-flying etc.

The place has restored its royalness, believe me, it took me to that era. Made me feel the power. Ever dreamt of that monarch where you have your own mahal with all the amenities and royalness.

On my visit, the staff told me that while renovating they found a treasury and also many ornaments, which they have well preserved. Used some as decoration pieces in the haveli and also there is a museum just outside the haveli.

Also, the interesting fact was that there is tunnel from this haveli till the Red Fort, which is now not operational, though 😉

Feel of the vintage fantasy lane, narrow alleys with shops and residences on both sides. A palace like a setup awaits you at Haveli Dharampura. Do pay a visit here to give yourself a royal boost! Go Banjare! 🙂

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