Kangra Valley for the best view of Dhauladhar mountain ranges

My camera cannot do justice to the landscape Kangra Valley offers you. If you are lucky enough and travelling at the right time of the year you are surely gonna view the mesmerising snow capped mountains.

I visited in the month of January, with family for 4 days including Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. It was a day trip to Kangra.

Dhauladhar range, also known as white mountains are best viewed from this valley, may be because of its location.

How to reach Kangra Valley?

By Road
Kangra is well connected with all the cities in Himachal and from the other states too. The Himachal tourism buses ply from many major cities. Also, you can hire taxis to reach this place.

By Rail
A narrow gauge railway line connects Kangra with Pathankot, from where trains to all major destinations are available. This train journey offers spectacular views.

By Air
Gaggal airport
or Kangra airport is the nearest to the location, but not many and frequent flights travel.

What is the Best time to visit Kangra Valley?

The months of  March and April encounters the peak season here.

Places to Visit in Kangra Valley

Kangra is a developed city, there is a various marketplace, offering almost everything. I was on a day trip here, so not much to do, but these are the best places not to be missed here:

  • Masrur Rock Cut Temple also known as “Himalayan Pyramids“. The way to this location is beautiful. Lush green farms, and on the backdrop is snow capped mountains <3
  • Rock cut temple is under archaeological survey, there is a minimal entry ticket for the same.
  • Kangra Fort shows the history of the Katoch royal family and their flights. This fort ahs a beautiful history. Entry Ticket: Rs 15, Audio kit: Rs 30, to know about the place.
  • This fort is huge, so be prepared to walk a lot. It is suggested to carry something to eat and drink, as nothing would be available inside.
  • Beware of the monkey, they are ready to snatch anything for food.
  • Kangra Devi Temple/ Brajeshwari Temple has a strong belief in people around. They worship the goddess with full devotion.
  • You can visit Chamunda Devi and Jawalaji Temples which are around 30-40 km from the city.
What all can I wear in Kangra Valley?
  • The valley is covered by mountain ranges, and the weather up there affects the place, so carrying woollens is suggested depending on the season you are visiting.
  • Any time of the year light woollen clothes should be carried, as hill stations, the weather changes any moment especially evenings.
Where can I stay/eat best in Kangra Valley?
  • The place is small, so you can stay at any location in the city and travel around.
  • I did not stay in the city, was travelling from Mcleodganj and had a train to catch from Pathankot in the evening.
  • Gaggal Chowk is famous for its food, momo joints etc.
My Cherished moments!
  • This place stands true to saying that “The path is more important than the Destination
  • The roads/ways are gorgeous, scenic and awe-inspiring.
  • The best views of the Himalayan ranges.

Kangra valley is an awesome place to enjoy the spectacular charm of mother nature. Go Banjare! 🙂

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