Feel at Home When Living in a Foreign Country

Are you looking out for ways to Get Used to a New Place While Working or Studying Abroad?

While there is no set formula to Feel at Home When Living in a Foreign Country. There are ways to make the new country, city, even apartment feel more like home. Here are just a few suggestions for those looking for ways to feel at home while abroad.

Start Exploring: Discover the New Place

The best way to get to know a new place is to take a walk. Or if in a larger city, to take public transportation to various locations and start looking around. Knowing where what stuff is will make a city more familiar, and is a step towards feeling more at home.

Find Some New Hangouts

While exploring, stop at different cafes, shops, restaurants, parks, museums, and so forth. Go back to the favourites, and this time, invite new friends along.

Get to Know the Area: Travel Locally

Local tourism is usually cheap, and a great way to enjoy some time away from working or studying in the new city. Take a day trip or a weekend trip to a place of interest and gain a further appreciation for the city’s surrounding area.

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Or…Travel Across the Country

Hop on a bus or train and take a long weekend trip to a destination in a different part of the country. For those who plan on taking frequent train trips, there are usually special types of transportation passes that offer a discount, a worthwhile investment. Be sure to check out the country’s smaller airlines, too.

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Make the Immediate Surroundings Comfortable: Personalize the Dorm or Flat

While bringing a bunch of personal items from home is impractical, every suitcase has room for a couple of photos. While buying a bunch of furniture is also impractical (unless planning to stay for a couple of years or so), be sure to stop by an inexpensive furniture/decor store like IKEA for stuff that can help make a room cosy (and be stuffed in a suitcase when going home).

Share Photos and Get Feedback

Send photos to family and friends, or post them on a blog or social networking site. Positive feedback about how cool/pretty/interesting/fun a place looks can help bring about the realization: “I get to live here!”

With plenty of ways to get over homesickness and appreciate new surroundings, feeling at home in a foreign country can become less of a challenge and more of an exciting experience.

Traveling around the area, personalizing a dorm room or flat, getting to know different parts of the country, and sharing experiences and photos with family and friends at home are some great ways to Feel at Home When Living in a Foreign Country.

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