Little Heaven on the Earth, Sri Lanka

Hello, Travelers! It is always fun to Travel to various places and explore them and bring back stories with you. I love to share my stories and adventures in form of pictures on Instagram, Facebook or through my blogs.

Travel Stories are the best! And I love to hear it from my friends and other travellers around. So in this Guest Article, a banjaran friend Ritu is gonna share her adventures of Sri Lanka. Hope you all like it. And would love to hear yours too someday 😉

Without much ado, I will let her narrate her story…

Last summer I and my husband decided to visit Sri Lanka from Dubai. Little did we know about this country, we booked our 10 days’ trip.

Budget: 50,000-60,000 INR or 3000-4000 AED (Per person approx.)

Visa: You can apply for the visa online or get a visa on arrival.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka?

The coast area can be visited around April/May to September. We visited in August 2016 and it was a pleasant weather there.

Hotels: We stayed in 3-star & 4-star hotels and they were not less than any 5-star.

Things I loved about Sri Lanka

Srilanka has amazing beaches where you can see the most romantic sunset of your life, wildlife with lots of elephants, adventure hikes/trekking, beautiful and natural waterfalls and many more things.

Trust me guys you can spend a whole month in this small country without getting bored for a second, as they have lots of things to offer you. Also, Sri Lankan people are so loving and helpful. We booked our personal taxi with driver for the whole journey. The driver allocated was a very humble and sincere person.

About the Food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food is really amazing.

  • If you are non–vegetarian you can enjoy seafood pulled straight from the Indian ocean and curries made with fresh and natural ingredients, which you can have with rice.
  • If you’re a vegan then also you need not worry as they have many green veggies to offer you with yellow dal.
  • Coconut is produced heavily in Sri Lanka, you can have coconut water, coconut milk etc.
  • We tried coconut roti there with red chill chutney and we became a fan of that, it was really amazing and spicy.

Sri Lanka is a home of Ayurveda medicine. You can also have good massage treatment and buy various massage oil.

Places to visit in Sri Lanka

This part of Sri Lanka is where we have visited ancient ruins and Buddha temples. In Dambulla, we climbed to see stunning statues and paintings of Buddha in the cave temple. It is said that these statues and painting are related to Gautama Buddha and his life.

Also, we visited Sigyria rock which is around 660 ft. high. You will love the journey as the way is covered with trees where you can sit and enjoy the afternoon.  Then there are some rock stairs which is uneven and steep, followed by a winding staircase. It took around 2 hours to reach the top of the rock but it is worth for the amazing view.

Tips to remember:

  • Don’t forget sunscreen
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Be silent in top stairs as there are lots of hornet’s clusters.


We witness the cultural dance show which was really amazing. Then we visited tooth relic temple, where Buddha’s teeth are kept. It is always kept hidden from the public and only showcased in Aug of every year for the local public. Then there was beautiful Kandy lake where you can do boating.

Minneriya National park:
Minneriya national park is one of the key places to see in Srilanka. Our taxi driver booked this safari trip for us, including safari jeep with the driver. You can see many animals like deer, wild pigs, monkeys, lots of colourful birds, and the especially group of wild elephants. If you are lucky you can see leopards and tigers as well.

Tips to remember:

  • Don’t step out from your jeep
  • Wear light clothes
  • Enjoy open jeep safari

Stay tuned for more…

Nuwara Eliya:
Nuwara Eliya is incredibly beautiful and it is located in the middle of tea gardens surrounded by mountains. The climate here is always pleasant. You will not need Fan/AC.

Nuwara Eliya is also known as little England, here you can visit beautiful waterfalls like Ramboda waterfalls, tea factory where they will show you the complete process of tea manufacturing. You can also visit Hindu temples like such as Sita and Hanuman temple. These temples are associated from Ramayana times.

My personal favourite spot was Horton plains. We did an enjoyable hiking with stunning views, this place is surrounded by montane grassland and cloud forest. The major attraction in Horton Plain was Baker’s falls and World’s End. Once you reach to the cliff you will understand why this is known as worlds end, because nothing can be more beautiful than this in the world. 🙂

Tips to remember:

  • Reach before sunrise
  • Wear layers’. Temperature will be around -2C
  • Take water bottles

It’s a small and peaceful village. Here you can go for a hiking to Adam’s peak which offers many breathtaking views. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it to this place because of the rain. While passing Ella you can visit Ravana waterfall. You can also visit Ravana cave which has 700 steps to reach the cave. The route is not a smooth ride. It has humps and uneven surface. This cave was built by Ravana to hide Sita.

Tips to remember:

  • Hire some guide who knows tunnel in and out.
And some more…

After 8 days of travelling, hiking, trekking all we wanted to spend our last 2 days of the trip on the beach so that we can relax and rejuvenate. Bentota is very calm and serene and is surrounded by a beautiful 10 km long beach, covered with palm trees.

Here you can enjoy various water activities like surfing, swimming, banana boat rides etc. You can enjoy a stunning view of sunset and sunrise. Overall I feel Bentota is a beach paradise. We also visited Mangrove village and Cinnamon island, where we got a chance to see how cinnamon is made. We did foot fish therapy too, it was amazing and relaxing.

The capital of Sri Lanka is very commercialized and they do not have many things to offer. So, we decided to hang out here for few hours only.

Colombo has nice architecture, parks, casino and delicious north Indian restaurants. We made a visit to independence memorial hall, which was very clean and highly impressive. Also, we visited few more places like the Gangaramaya Buddhist temple, Colombo Museum, and Mount Lavinia beach. Lastly, you can buy some gift items as Colombo offers you a variety of gift items.

Lastly, you can buy some gift items as Colombo offers you a variety of souvenirs.

This is all about my Sri Lanka experience. Do visit this nature-loving country and share your experience. Ciao! Leaving you guyz with some more pics:

Do share your Travel experiences with us and Happy Travelling! Go Banjare ?

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  1. Dazzling discription Ritu.. I seriously felt like I explored Sri Lanka through your eyes…Right from Dambulla to Colombo every place seems to be matchless… After reading your delineation I cant wait to visit Srilanka ?

  2. Pandey bhai…what an awesome start…i have not read it in full abhi kyunki bohot lamba hai…but i am thrilled to see u try something new…Go Pandey…????….look forward to read much more from u…

  3. Beautiful narration of trip .. one could easily imagine places while going through … plus point for pointing caution and check list to take care before visiting places … Ritu we wish u travel more and keep sharing ur experience

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