Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

Visiting Hyderabad any soon? This place, Ramoji Film City is surely not to be missed!

This Film City is located around 30-35 km from the main city of Hyderabad and has come up as the most popular site seeing destination in and around the city. Ramoji Film City was built in the year 1996, but opened as a tourist destination few years later.

Ramoji Film City holds a Guinness Book of Records


It is one of the largest and glamours Film Studios in the world, scaled up to 1666 acres area.

It is one of the major film-making locations in India with huge facilities and spots. Many movies and TV serials like Ra one, Siya ke ram, Bahubali, Dirty Picture, Chennai express and much more (as told by the guide) have been shooted here.

It is said to be a cheap and best option for the film-makers, as there are sets for anything possible is here. From airport to a railway station, bus stand, gardens, Hollywood sign, buildings, landscapes etc. In short, you can shoot the entire movie here 😉

Also, there are 2 hotels in the vicinity, in case you have a plan to stay overnight these are good options but a bit expensive. And a huge amount of visitors visits here almost every day.

How to reach here?

There are various bus services operating from the main city of Hyderabad. You can book them a day or so prior. The cost per person is around Rs 300 up down. Also, Ramoji Film City has its own bus service which cost Rs 250 and picks you up from different locations in Hyderabad.

Toll-free number: 180042509999

Contact the above number for bookings or any queries!

The Entry Ticket cost Rs 1100, you can book online from the ramoji site, on the spot or from various centres across Hyderabad. There is on in the airport and another near the famous Birla Temple.

Timing: 9 am to 5:30 pm expect the carnival time when it is open until 7-8 pm

The early you reach the better it is, the place is huge, may stretch for 2 days too.

There are various packages: day package, a day with food, night stay etc. The cost varies for the same. Also has provisions for weddings and other events too.

Once you reach there, at the main gate the buses drop. If going by our vehicle there is huge parking there at the main gate itself.

If you have the tickets directly enter, else there are many counters to buy tickets. From the main gate, Ramoji buses ply on regular intervals that take you to the main spot called Eureka.

Eureka is built like a fort and lavishly welcomes the guests into a host of experiences from a welcome dance-and-song opening ceremony at around 9:45 am. Also, has shops from where you can buy souvenirs. There are restaurants, children’s play area and most exhilarating amusement rides.


After that, you can have food and start your day by visiting various shows at Ramoji movie magic area: Light camera action, Action theatre, Filmy Duniya, space yatra, fundustan etc. These shows are of a duration of 20-30 mins each. but you may encounter huge lines. there are various spots to get clicked, after all, its Film city 😉

These shows offer interactive sessions for tourists, where you can bring the actor in you and learn the bits of film-making: acting, dubbing, editing through chroma screens, creating sounds etc. It is an awesome experience.

Till the time you are done with these shows, it would be almost lunch time, you can have few rides if you want. Some rides are free and others are chargeable. Have lunch at the many restaurants available with various themes.

Have food courts too, but too much of rush. It was really hard to get food there, long queues 🙁

Once done, take the red buses that take you around the city, they start from 10 till 4:30 evening. Called the Backlot Tour, a journey into the land of Cinema. They guide you to all the famous spots/sets in the city and tell you in details. there are few spots where the drop you, you can around and then take another bus from there to next spots. The management is awesome.

Ramoji Film City

There are huge sets, buildings, railway station, mythology sets…the list is too long. The place is much more that can be described in words.

Also within teh bus rides, there are butterfly garden and birds park and bonsai garden.

I was lucky to visit when there was a Winter Carnaval going on: Blooming entertainment, extended visiting hours, spectacular carnival, dazzling lights. It had stage performance around 5:30 pm and then followed by a parade, it was a festivity altogether.

Bring the filmy keda out and enjoy this awesomeness. It a full day affair, even a day is less I should say. All in all, a must visit! Go Banjare! 🙂

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