2 Tickets to Paradise: Part 3 – Langkwai

Just like the best things are kept for the last, so we kept Langkawi as our last stop in the trip to Malaysia. After a fun and adventurous trip to Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highland, we wanted to have a nice peaceful and relaxing last week.


First of all what a beauty Langkawi is. Situated in Andaman sea these are the group of 104 islands, which are 30 km off the mainland coast of Malaysia. It is also called the Jewel of Kedah.

Most noteworthy, the journey itself is beautiful. We took our flight from Kuala Lumpur and it took us 50 min to reach Langkawi. The moment out flight crossed the coast of Malaysia, I felt like I am in heaven. All 104 small and big islands could be seen. Green and dense rainforest, right in the middle of an infinite sea.

We stayed in Berjaya Langkawi resort, an amazing 5-star hotel situated on the beach in the area called Pantai Kok.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very important to book your hotel correctly,  as Langkawi is very vast and a wrong hotel in a wrong area can spoil all the fun. Example- if u want a secluded peaceful trip to choose Pantai Kok and if u want city life, choose Pantai Cenang etc..

We stayed here for 6 nights and believe me when I say this even that was not enough (usually Langkawi can be done in 3 nights if u just want to see the attractions). As we had a good long stay we took our sweet time to relax and do nothing.

So the Journey begins…

Day 1:

Booked a Mangrove tour. They took us on an amazing boat ride to see the scary yet beautiful mangroves, bat caves and white sand beach. It was a new experience!

Day 2:

Rented 2 cycles from our hotel and went to explore the nearby areas all by yourself- as much painful as it was. But worth every pain (our super relaxed muscles were not ready for this exercise 😉 )

Day 3:

It was our explore-your-resort day. Finally went to the beach to have a swim. Right after that jumped into the pool, had some drinks in the sunken pool bar. Then roam around the resort, had some games in the games room ( won most…lost few 😛 )

Day 4:

We explored the Island – we rented a bike for 70 ringitt/24hrs

  1. Seven well waterfall – (Pantai Kok – 7 8 km from resort) godly view, tiring climb, a perfect place to meditate.
  2. A long ride up on the hills to the golf course area.
  3. In addition had lunch in taj mahal restaurant (after almost 10-12 days had a delicious Indian meal)
  4. Went all way to the other corner of the island to the eagle square, lovely place. Worth a visit, mesmerising view of the sea.
  5. Then drove all the way back to the resort. All in all, it was 150 km drive…

Day 5:

The main attraction was Skycab – oriental village 0.5 km from Berjaya Langkawi resort. A beautiful place with a mesmerising view you can see the infinite sea and islands from the top (if u have fear of height… then go at your own risk)

Finally, on 11th November 2016, we packed our bags and left Malaysia with a relaxed mind, happy faces and everlasting memories.

I can say… INDEED it was a Ticket to PARADISE! Go Banjare! 🙂

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