2 Tickets to Paradise: Part 1 – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur literally means ‘muddy confluence’. It is the capital city and one of the largest of Malaysia. Most of all famous for its Petronas Twin Towers, gleaming skyscrapers and impressive city life!

Probably, I am blessed to have wanderers around me. And love to hear and share travel stories and experiences with them. Today in this Guest article by a banjara friend Rhea, she would like to share her experience in the paradise of  Malaysia. Hope this would excite you to pack for bags and go for it!

So, ending my intro session and letting her article speak about the special journey…

On 28 October 2016, I and my husband took a long awaited 15 days trip to Malaysia. It was after almost 1-1.5 years that we were planning a trip. What made it more special was our Aniversary 😉

Our trip was divided into 3 parts or locations:
1. Kuala Lumpur – city life
2. Cameron highland – hill station:  Check out the article here
3. Langkawi – an island: Check out the article here

Most noteworthy, we wanted a flavour of everything, so planned it this way. Hence we can enjoy every bit of it!

Malaysia, due to its geographical location has rainforests throughout. The atmosphere and environment there was blissful.

Kuala Lumpur

Since our trip started with Kuala Lumpur, we were all set to experience the rich city life…We spent 3 days here. First of all, this city is not that expensive to stay and for food. Bricks field area is called little India, we stayed at Bangsar south 6 km from bricks field. There are many food joints around this location.

Also, this place is well situated to visit main attractions in and around.

Day 1:

We explored the city went to pavilion mall. And encountered the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Sadly our day was cut short by heavy rains. But we don’t have any regrets…

Seems like it rain most time of the year here. So rain come along with the package 😉 😛

Best season to visit here would be March-May and October-November.

Kuala Lumpur

Day 2:

Next day we were all decked up for a 3-hour long trekking to Chilling waterfall and back. While we crossed 5 rivers on foot almost in the dense forests, had a lifetime experience…. A must do!

We booked a tour of an adventure company in advance because we really wanted to encounter this part of the city. This place, Selangor is almost 50km from the city and took us 1-hour but was totally worth it!

Day 3:

The Forest research Institute of Malaysia also known as FRIM… This place was amazing and tiring all together…

Though it was 2.5-hour long hiking up to the mountain through the rainforest and 1-hour long descend…but the view and experience were amazing. After reaching the top, there was a canopy walk which was 30m above the ground level, also hanging bridges suspended on trees… thrilling and chilling at the same time…

Almost after completing the hike we changed and went to see the Batu Caves – Lord Karthik’s temple.

This temple comprises of probably 272 stairs. It was piece of cake (read NOT) especially after a 4-hour long hiking! Phew…. But the place was beautiful and we were all refreshed on reaching 🙂

Most noteworthy, in Kuala Lumpur you will see how the spirituality and mankind sync so splendidly…

Also, they have preserved nature, nevertheless, have the high-end development. Well-maintained roads and technology alongside. Hence, it’s a perfect blend of nature and modernization

This was all about Kuala Lumpur, will be coming soon with the other 2 parts of my excursion! Till then keep travelling! Go Banjare! 🙂

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