10 Destinations that are Cheaper and Better for your New Year vacation this December

With new year approaching, people are starting to search vacation destinations. But everywhere is overwhelming, expensive and crowded

Here are a few offbeatless expensive and less congested options for you. Be yourself, with your kind of people and give an awesome start to this New Year!

#1# Munroe Island, Kerala

Munroe Island

Famous for its serene backwaters, Munroe Island is situated in the southern part of India. It is situated 30 km from Kollam. These islands are formed by the Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River and named after Colonel John Munroe.

While this island has preserved its age-old architecture and culture; have some variety of stone age too. But it fears the threat of submerging in high tides. Some part is already submerged, hence add it to your bucket list soon 😛

The Kerala tourism offers Cruise 2 times a day there, morning 9 o’clock and afternoon 4 o’clock.

How to reach?
Nearest railway station: Munroe Island, about 3 km
Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 84 km

#2# Auli, Uttrakhand


It is known as the Ski destination of India. It is situated in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand. Most noteworthy, many national and international sports championships are held here.

Auli offers an awe-inspiring view of Himalayan ranges and is surrounded by coniferous and oak forests. Hence, you can enjoy the natural beauty or bring out the adventure freak in you. Also, it has a cable car, a chair lift and a ski lift along with a trek route to reach the top.

How to reach?
Nearest railway station: Rishikesh railway station, about 210 km and Dehradun railway station 160 km
Nearest airport: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, about 281 km

#3# Rann of Kutch, Gujarat


Since located in the western part of India Kutch offers perfect weather in the month of December. The Great Rann of Kutch in the Thar Desert, Gujarat is a salt desert. Therefore it is also known as White desert.

The Gujarat government hosts a festival during winter every year called Rann Utsav. This is the best way to encounter this place and understand the culture, food and people there.

In addition with the magnificent views of never ending white desert and the so vibrant culture, you can visit nearby towns and villages to seek the heritage.

How to reach?
Nearest railway station: Bhuj railway station, about 180 km
Nearest airport: Bhuj has the nearest airport too.

#4# Gokarna, Karnataka


Bored of Goa? Try Gokarna this time ! While this place was known for pilgrimage reasons, soon it became a hit with western tourists because of its virgin beaches. The beaches here are unexplored, hence they are clean with crystal clear water.

Gokarna offers pristine landscape and is a new found love for beach lovers. It is the best place if you are looking out for a laid-back and relaxed vacation.

How to reach?
Nearest railway station: Ankola, about 25 km
Nearest airport: Goa, about 147 km

#5# Dawki, Meghalaya


Dwaki is a small town in Meghalaya, the north-east part of India. Yet not a well-known place, but bet you would just fall in love with it at first sight.

Most of all, this place can offer you a dream, where you sail on a wooden boat into crystal clear river water. Water so clear that the rocks and fishes beneath are visible. And surrounded by mountains and forests provides an eye-pleasing view.

It is one of the border crossing villages to Bangladesh, not at all touristy. Hence you ought to enjoy this unexplored beauty.

How to reach?
Not connected directly by rail or air. Travel by road from Guwahati, hiring a cab.

Nearest airport: Guwahati, about 175 km
Nearest railway station: Guwahati has railway station too.

#6# Daman and Diu


Daman and Diu is a union territory of India. It is situated on the south-west coast and was one of the Portuguese empires.

While this place is still not a choice of many people as a vacation destination. But trust me you would really like this place. It’s like mini goa, several forts, beaches, booze and bike rides 😛 Though unlike Goa it is still untouched, hence a good option if you look out for a silent yet beautiful place to celebrate your vacation.

Furthermore, the weather is totally perfect around the winter season. Diu also hosts beach festival around this time, which is a perfect option to enjoy the place, location, culture and heritage,

How to reach?
Nearest airport: Diu airport
Nearest railway station: Vapi railway station, about 15 km

#7# Wayanad, Kerela


While you are looking out to explore south India, but not to any tourist location. Check out Wayanad! It is a district in Kerela which still has its natural beauty intact.

This place has a lot to offer from caves, mountains, waterfalls and trek. Visiting this place will almost make you enjoy that “me” time, also it takes you a step closer to the mother nature. Along with the beauty, the weather in the winter season is pleasant and hence apt to explore.

How to reach?
Nearest railway station: Kozhikode, about 110km.
Nearest airport: Kozhikode has an airport too.

#8# Puducherry


Yet another Union territory of India and situated on the southern coast. Puducherry is well known for its french connection.

Most of all this place looks so trendy and charming with its architecture. The buildings and alleys are well built and give the feel of the indo-french culture. Also, it offers an awesome food and a variety of cuisines. Puducherry attracts a lot of tourists during the winter season due to the climate. So, you can enjoy the beaches too.

Probably, if you want to run away from the crowd, visit Auroville, which is best for a peaceful vacation. Maybe spend some time meditating or just relaxing with friends and family. 🙂

How to reach?
Nearest airport: Puducherry airport
Nearest railway station: It has a railway station too.

#9# Agatti Island, Lakshadweep

Agatti Island

This is a small island situated in Union territory of Lakshadweep which is open for tourism. A less known location, with only a few places to stay. Hence, make the booking beforehand and enjoy the place by just riding/hiring a bicycle 🙂

Since the weather remains cool and pleasant to visit during the winter season. You can enjoy the beaches and the activities they offer. The beaches here are clean with crystal clear water. So you can just sit back relax and enjoy the food, drinks, beaches and adventure activities.

How to reach?
This island can be reached via sea or air. Both these routes are connected via Kochi.

Nearest airport: Agatti island has an airport

#10# Tarkarli, Maharashtra


Tarkali is a village in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. It is well known for its Ram navmi celebration and has the only scuba diving centre in the state. Tarkali is located at a union of the Arabian Sea and Karli River.

And has an awesome beach line with clear water. It offers some water sports. Also, you can enjoy the boat rides in the river and backwater around and furthermore go for Dolphin sighting.

How to reach?
Nearest airport: Goa, about
Nearest railway station: Sindhudurg, Kudal, Kankavli on Konkan railways, around 1.30 hrs away

Enjoy your vacation and do share your stories with us! Go Banjare! 🙂

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