Secrets to Travel affordably anywhere in the World

Who does not like to travel this day and age? 

But the real question here is How to Travel affordably?

Travelling has become an integral part of everyone’s life. As people have overwhelming lifestyles, professions etc. Moreover to break the monotony travelling is the best option available!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page – St Agusttine

Most noteworthy, Travelling do involve a lot of expense, it does not come for free. Agreed this is a bitter truth and a pain for many of us!

I want to Travel around the world but then my bank balance brings me back to reality 😛 – many of us

But you can earn money anyhow, anytime, anywhere. What travel gives you is priceless! That makes you Rich! Richer! Richest! with each and every travel you do…

By taking care of some basic pointers you can really travel cheap anywhere around the world! Here are some of the basic information to be taken care before and while on a trip:

  1. Travel arrangments
    • Choose your travel mode wisely, based on the time/money to be spent
    • Especially for Air tickets book them almost 3 months prior your travel
    • Choose your airline wisely, opt for multiple airlines, if it’s a stopover flight
  2. Accommodation
    • Decide on the kind of budget you want to spend on accommodation
    • You will be available from budget to high-end accommodations at almost every location
    • You can choose from 1-7 star hotels. bnb, rent apartments, homestays, hostels etc
    • Do a thorough research of the location you want to stay, find both pros-cons
    • check reviews of the place before booking
    • Try book away from the main place, outskirts may be to save money
  3. Mode of Transportation at the location
    • This is an expensive part of the travel
    • Try using the local transportation, to save money and also to understand the culture
    • Rent a car, bike, Scottie whatever option is available. Use local buses, metro, waterways if possible
  4. Activities
    • Do not pre-book everything
    • Decide and budget the activities you want to really indulge into
    • Gamble it out, at times on the location you get good deals
    • Search online, any deals on pre-books if possible
  5. Food and Beverages
    • Check out the reviews about the restaurants
    • Go through the blogs/websites by visitors for suggestions
    • Learn from the local people about the cuisines and culture
    • Buy basic necessities from a mart: snacks, beverages, water: as it may be really expensive at some locations
  6. Study the Place
    • Study the location you are travelling
    • Go through websites/blogs related to the place before you are travelling to get an idea of the place
    • Prioritise your itinerary, based on your like: for some, it’s see it all, some want to rest, others are into adventure

Money is and should not be an issue to Travel, just follow some basic rules, and you are good to go and enjoy any destination! Go Banjare! 🙂

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  1. So cool! I like the tip about not pre-planning everything. We have learned that one as well. If you plan it all ahead of time you may miss out on something way cooler that you find once you get there! We have the best adventures when we plan as little as possible!

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