The hidden treasures of Chanfi village

Chanfi Village a less known place…

First of all being born and brought up in Delhi city, still hills have never been alien to me. I have been always rooted to them!

Due to my grandparents and all my extended family, who stay up in those hills, visiting them has always been an option for me since childhood. And encounter the beauty that these mountains bring into my life.

Chanfi is a small village in Nainital district, Uttrakhand, and my maternal hometown.

It is one of the best places I have “ever” visited in my entire life!

Chanfi is a perfect getaway (from Delhi) to overcome the hustle bustle of your city life!

How can I reach this place?

Most noteworthy, this village is connected by road, train and air till some extent.

By Road
It is well connected via road, the highways connecting are really awesome. There are government/Volvo buses available(for Haldwani, Nainital only) from Anand Vihar bus terminal. While ‘book a cab’ or ‘drive your own vehicle’ to the place are some considered options.

  • It’s around 320 km and takes 6-7 hours journey from Delhi via Kathgodam city.
  • Most of the stretch is a plain area, it’s only after Kathgodam that the hilly area starts.
  • The hilly stretch would be around 35 km and takes around 1 hr via Bhowali-Bhimtal-Haldwani road

By Train
There are 4 trains till Haldwani/Kathgodam: Ranikhet Express, Uttrakhand Sampark Kranti express, New Delhi-Kathgodam Shatabdi, Anandvihar-Lalkuan Intercity express.

  • From Haldwani/kathgodam station there are many buses/taxis for this place(bhowali main stand)
  • Prefer taking trains that make you reach early morning so that you can travel to the hills and enjoy your day.

By Air
Pantnagar airport is the nearest airport to the place. There are some small flights from Delhi, few days a week.

From there you can avail taxi, buses etc. But this option is not suggested.

What is the best time to travel?

Summers, winters, autumn, almost any season except rainy season. In conclusion, the only reason for this is incidents of a road block, landslides etc increases drastically during this period.

What all can I do at this place?
Chanfi is a small village on the banks of river Kalsa and will provide you with a near to perfect view.
At an altitude of almost 7200 feet, this place is a perfect gateway for many reasons:
  • the off-the-beat road that there is little or no tourist traffic here.
  • No mall road, no horse rides, no ice cream vendors, and no tree graffiti.
  • No fellow tourists, it’s frequented by word-of-mouth visitors only
  • Therefore the treks, the forests and the streams are still so pristine and seemingly undiscovered
  • Furthermore offers you with the most exhilarating and exciting treks down a mountain to local temples and nearby villages.
  • The Kalsa river adds to the beauty of this place, while accompanied by an age-old bridge (British era), it adds for the most picturesque and unexpected sight.
  • This river offers an irresistible gushing stream with a rock pool, an emerald green lagoon.
The hidden treasures of Chanfi village

I am lucky enough to be introduced to this place as a child and enjoying it ever since. Playing in the river has always been my favourite pass time there, and then the smell of fish never goes from your body 😛

Locals here enjoy jumping off the bridge. I can sit/relax at the rocks beneath for hours, just taking in the sound and the sprays.

Finally, evenings are even adorable with sunset accompanying you!

The hidden treasures of Chanfi village

While hit by starvation, we finally come back to home, and surprised by freshly plucked out potatoes, peeled and fried into a local staple dish called “aloo ke gutke” along with “khere ka raita“. We have named it “Machis wale aloo” because we eat them using matchsticks as toothpicks 😛

Also, we got lucky to have “chicken pakoras” with freshly prepared “pudina chutney“, and also “maggi” in the famous ‘timil’ leaves there. Food is so tasty, whatever you cook, this place adds its own flavour.
The hidden treasures of Chanfi village
In addition, this place is only 22 km or a short 45 mins drive from Nainital. Consequently, other places within one-hour driving distance include Mukhteshwar, Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchiatal. In a little over 2 hrs, one can reach Almora, Ranikhet, Kausani, and Binsar.

Also, the natural beauty of this and nearby places have always been a source of inspiration to great writers and artists, including Rabindranath Tagore, Mahadevi Verma, to name a few.

Where can I stay/eat here?

Offlately with its growing popularity there are few good properties opened in the vicinity.

Its not-so-commercialized place yet still has small dhabas around for food. In the case of resorts, the locals take care of the same.

Check out this beautiful Homestay in Chanfi village named Bakhali. It is the best option to experience the local culture living amidst the village.

My Cherished moments!
  • riverside chitchats
  • fresh fruits/vegetables
  • tasty food
  • scenic beauty
  • fresh air and scenic beauty around
Things I regret!

To be frank! Nothing at all!

Do’s and Dont’s
  • Do carry light woollen clothes even in the summer season, the weather may change anytime.
  • Listen to locals, if they mention anything about trek routes or being near river side.

The hidden treasures of Chanfi village

Enjoy the pristine Beauty of Chanfi village! Go Banjare! 🙂

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  1. I love the writeup about this pristine place. In the twilight years of my life i want to experience the tranquility and the peace the place offers. Kindly update me sometimes. Bill arora

  2. I am Doctor by profession, passionate wildlife photographer from mumbai. I had visited this place to click Crested kingfisher. I have clicked this crested kingfisher in kalsa river near chanfi village. Thus i have clicked all twelve kingfishers found in India. This is very nice place. I have very good memories of this place.

    1. Glad to know. If you plan to visit the area again checkout Bakhali Homestay in Chanfi village, you will love the village stay 🙂

  3. Hey I am a native of Chanfi and my family run their homestay aught there named the Silent Valley. No doubt allu ke gutke are my personal favorites too but i regret that i hv not done much for the pahadis……Do visit……we are the bank of the Kalsa river which and its tremor always gets my body stiff and to work in peace

    1. Hey, thanks for writing in. I have heard about the silent valley. Will surely visit, though my maternal uncle has just started with a homestay there called Bakhali, near that old British era bridge. Pay a visit the next time you are around.

  4. Its just awesome. So beautiful and tranquil . All Lush green. I am planning to buy some land here in Chanfi, will appreciate if you can advise and guide me.

    1. Hello, indeed it is a beautiful place. I am lucky enough to have it as my maternal village 🙂 You can contact from DM on facebook or instagram @GoBanjare, will see if I can help in any way…

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