Triund trek – A Trek to remember

“Perfect weekend getaway”

Minimum Budget for one: 7,000/-

If you are bored of your daily monotonous schedule and you are looking for a weekend getaway then this is the place for you. Generally, people suggest Jaipur, Shimla, Kasoli, etc. for weekend getaways to Delhites, I find these destinations too boring and I have been there numerous times too. But to Triund if given a choice, I can go every year to rejuvenate myself.

What I loved:

  • The breathtaking view from the top
  • Food in the cafes
  • Happiness of burning some extra calories while treaking

What I hated:

  • It was a little crowded at the top, but the tent I was staying in was a bit secluded and so I was fine
  • No pee place for girls throughout the trek and since so many people are going up or down, there are less chances that you will be quickly able to pee before anyone sees you


  • Book your Volvo well in advance in case you are planning to go here. If you are too close to your travel date, you might not get the seats in the Volvo
  • Only go for HPTDC or HRTC busses only as these are government run and are very reliable
  • Go for an overnight bus journey
  • Carry a comfortable jacket with you. One should be enough
  • Trekking shoes are a must
  • Carry a slipper or alternate footwear for sure in case it rains.
  • Carry some munchies for the trek
  • Leave not later than 11 am for the trek

Iternary (Ideal for budget travel for 2 coz of fares sharing): 2.5 days

Volvo from Delhi – Book your Volvo seat to Mclodgunj well in advance from HPTDC or HRTC websites. In case you go for the Volvo, the one side charges would be 1250/-


Day .5 (Half day): On Friday night take your 8 or 9:30 pm Volvo to Mclodgunj. Sleep in the Volvo overnight. Don’t worry if you did not get time to have dinner, the bus will stop at a good place and you can quickly have dinner.


Day 1: Reach Mclodgunj roughly around 8 am and take an auto to Dharamkot. You will reach Dharamkot in 15 mins. Since you just need a room to take bath, you can go for a hotel that has common bathroom for certain rooms. The bathrooms will be clean as a lot of Islealies stay there for months.


Quickly freshen up and have you breakfast from any of the cafes around. They all are amazing and you should try variety of breakfast like American, Isreal, French etc. Wrap your breakfast by no later than 10 am.


Go to a few shops and book a tent and sleeping bags for Triund top now. Do not go for an option of carrying the tent or taking a porter. Just makde sure you take a slip of your tent and the phone number of the guy that will take you to the already set tent on top.


Start your trek no later than 11 am.


Day 2: Get up and start your trek early to come down, the more you delay, the hotter it gets. Getting down will take you around 3 to 4 hrs. When you come down, take a hotel room take bath freshen up.


Rest or go out to have lunch at another amazing cafe.


Once you are done with this, pack your bags and take an auto to the bus stand and take you Volvo to come back home.

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